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VAT reg. nr. (applies to companies within the EU outside France only)

Yes, we'd like to purchase the rights to use for a period of 12 months for travellers. We receive the rights to use for one month free of charge and without any further commitment.

Yes, we also wish the integration of Corporate Loyalty Programs for SMEs (e.g. Partner Plus Benefits by Lufthansa) at a price of 100 EUR plus VAT per year.

Yes, we order the following complete award tables for departures from the indicated countries at a one-time price of 189 EUR plus VAT per combination Frequent Flyer Program-country, in addition to the standard rules of the award table of the dominant home carrier:

Your input should be written like "Frequent Flyer Program; Country". You can order additional award tables within the FFP Manager at any time.

Yes, we've read the General Terms and accept them.
No, we don't accept the General Terms.

General Terms:

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