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In a nutshell

What is the FFP Manager?

The FFP Manager is an online program enabling corporations to administrate efficiently the data from Frequent Flyer Programs of its travellers. The account balances of the travellers are thereby updated automatically by matching the data from the airlines.

What are the abilities of the FFP Manager?

  • Set-up of an individual individual corporate hierarchy across as many levels as desired
  • Possibility to enter relevant data of Frequent Flyer Programs for each traveller, including several programs per traveller; possibility to import data for large companies
  • Automatic update of account balances
  • Individual rules regarding the authorised awards (standard values for the program of the dominant home carrier)
  • Queries about account balances for award bookings
  • Real time availability check for concrete award flights for selected airlines
  • Reporting
  • News service covering the required information about Frequent Flyer Programs
  • Operation directly by the corporation or by the travel agency
  • Steering of internal access rights through a flexible user administration
  • No limitation regarding the number of participating travellers per company, neither upwards, nor downwards
  • Separation of personally collected points
  • Optional integration of Corporate Loyalty Programs for SMEs

For whom is the FFP Manager?

The FFP Manager offers an efficient operational solution and the basis towards the maximisation of potential savings for all corporations of all sizes wishing to use the miles of their travellers accumulated on business trips on a corporate level.

What does the FFP Manager cost? What is the benefit?

Nothing during the first month - without any further commitment. Afterwards, the price for the rights to use is based on the number of travellers of the company whose data is entered to the FFP Manager.

Example: The expected annual saving for a flight volume of 1,6 million euros and 300 travellers is around 155,000 euros, incl. the consulting fee and user rights for the FFP Manager.

The prices per month are (in brackets values for a 12-month period):

Number of travellersPrice
1-10 30.00 EUR (360.00 EUR)
11-30 85.00 EUR (1,020.00 EUR)
31-50 140.00 EUR (1,680.00 EUR)
51-100 270.00 EUR (3,240.00 EUR)
101-200 500.00 EUR (6,000.00 EUR)
201-300 740,00 EUR (8,880.00 EUR)
301-500 1,150.00 EUR (13,800.00 EUR)
501-700 1,550.00 EUR (18,600.00 EUR)
701-1,000 2,150.00 EUR (25,800.00 EUR)
more than 1,000 Price upon request


The standard award table of the dominant local carrier, i.e. for instance of Miles & More for departures from Germany or of the Executive Club for departures from the UK, is included to the price. Additional complete award tables for specific departure countries are available for all Frequent Flyer Programs upon request at a one-time fee of 189.00 EUR per program and country.

The optional integration of Corporate Loyalty Programs for SMEs (e.g. Partner Plus Benefits by Lufthansa) is charged additionally 100.00 EUR per year. Please note that the automatic update of account balances is not offered for those SME programs.

Put these costs in relation to the potential savings, e.g. for a single long-haul flight in Business Class valued at 3,000 to 5,000 EUR, and you can see how quickly these costs are amortised.

All indications are subject to French VAT.

How can the FFP Manager be ordered?

Simply fill in the order form and you'll shortly receive your access parameters by e-mail! Enjoy the program!

More details can be obtained on the page background of the FFP Manager! Of course, you can also contact us directly at any time.