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Demo version

In order to provide you with a better impression about the functionality of the FFP Manager, you've got the opportunity to get a clear picture about the scope and the performance of the program thanks to a demo version.

Click here, in order to go to the demo version. You're not able to set up or edit travellers, nor to change the company structure in the demo version. Please note as well that the automatic update of account balances has been deactivated in the demo version as these are fictitious accounts! Of course, it will be possible to do so in your own full version later.

Please limit your queries in the demo version to the Lufthansa Miles & More program and to departures from Germany since no awards of other programs or departure countries have been defined as authorised awards. However, you’ll be able to use all programs as a customer later on by defining the authorised awards accordingly.

Should you have any further questions afterwards, please get simply in touch with us.