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Background of the FFP Manager

The FFP Manager (FFP: Frequent Flyer Program) has its origins in the day-to-day business. It combines years of experience with Frequent Flyer Programs and the tremendous savings potential, making it an important tool for companies of all sizes.

The strongest points of the FFP Manager are probably its operational flexibility and technical maturity. Automatic account updates, individual possibilities to adapt to internal specifics, universal deployment for all some 200 Frequent Flyer Programs on the globe and not at last the availability check of award flights are some of these aspects.

Its flexibility is also expressed by the fact that it can be operated, of course, in cooperation with all travel agencies. There are no particular requirements upon interfaces etc.

You’re also free to proceed with with the definition of the authorised awards the way you like. You can either use the unselected standard rules of the program of your dominant home carrier for departures from your country and/or additional complete rules for other programs, which need to be ordered separately. Here, you’ve got a choice of all available Frequent Flyer Programs. As customer in Germany, your package includes the award tables of Miles & More for departures from Germany as standard values. In the UK, you get the tables of the British Airways Executive Club for departures from the UK and so on.

Or you enter your own rules to the table containing the rules how to use the programs, based on the standard table or independently of it. This is a step towards an optimisation if you state, for instance, that miles of the Miles & More program can generally be used the most cost efficiently for upgrades while Executive Club miles should be used for award flights in Economy Class within Europe only. This optimisation can be made perfect through the corresponding Frequent Flyer service of Global Flight. But also here, the rule is that you can use the FFP Manager independently of how you proceed with this point!

Another flexible point is the possibility to take into account your internal structures in all relevant aspects: Whether we talk, for instance, about the selection of the transferability of award flights or the reporting about realised savings - you always set up these points according to your internal requirements within the whole range from a company-wide level down to the individual traveller.

Now that you took the time to read all this in theory, you’re likely to want to view it in a demo version as well and let yourself be convinced by the performance of the FFP Manager. No problem - all you need to do is to click here!

And in order to let the advantages of the FFP Manager become absolutely real, you can order your rights to use here - during the first month, by the way, completely free of charge and without any commitment!